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Skin Tightening Costs

Non-surgical skin tightening treatments are significantly less expensive than their surgical counterparts. Radiofrequency and laser skin tightening only require the cost of the procedure and maybe the cost of gas to get to the treatment facility. The final tab is in the hundreds or low thousands of dollars, depending on the scope of areas treated.

Skin tightening surgery, on the other hand, is far more expensive. The surgery itself is in the thousands of dollars and there are a number of incidental costs as well. Anesthesia adds a lot to the price tag. Prescription medications can be expensive as well. Finally, recovery time away from work can be an additional cost that appears in reduced income during that period.



Entire Face$2,500.00$6,500.0030-60
Facial Areas$750.00$3,000.0015-20
Face 3-4/$3,500.0025 Each
Neck 3-4/$3,000.0020 Each
Hands/Forearms 3-4/$3,500.0030 Each

What Factors into Skin Tightening Costs


The cost of skin tightening equipment weighs on the price of the procedure. Since skin tightening technology pioneered in the 1990s, the machines that facilitate the process have developed rapidly. A machine several years old may still offer great benefits, but a state of the art model could be vastly better, depending. Buying this equipment new is not cheap and the cost of getting a skin tightening procedure from a cutting edge surgeon will be reflected in the bill.

Treatment Cycles

Some skin tightening methods require repeat visits for the initial treatment, while others only require a one-time visit. The former requires more hours with a highly skilled individual, while the later only requires one. A one-time treatment may look more expensive up front, but if you do the math, you may find that it is a greater value than cheaper treatments with required repeat visits. When talking to your doctor about methods, be sure to ask about the number of treatments required for full results.

Incidental Costs

One of skin tightening's strengths is the low number of incidental costs compared with plastic surgery. A person who receives surgery must cover the cost of anesthesia, prescription recovery drugs, the cost of a babysitter and time away from work. Since skin tightening is a drop-in procedure, you can return to work the same day. Skin may be a little red for 24 hours, but there is no additional medication required. So, incidental costs are down to sunscreen and the cost of gas to drive to the treatment location. If you live away from the place of treatment, you may have to consider lodging as an additional incidental cost.

Covering the Costs

Compared to surgery, skin tightening is far more affordable and accessible for the everyday person. Treatments start in the hundreds of dollars and tend to max out at $5000-6,500, depending on the scope of work done. These are very doable amounts to save for and many people have a portion of the cost already in savings. Some patients will put costs on a credit card, but a better interest rate may be found within a doctor's financing options. During your initial consultation, you will be able to investigate finance plans for the cost of your skin tightening procedure.

Final Thoughts

Skin tightening treatments are far more simple than surgery, and the results are more natural, if more subtle. RF or laser skin tightening may be performed in one visit or a series of short visits. The recovery time is minimal, with 24 hours of redness being the extent of symptoms. It's very literally a lunch break option that offers significant improve to the face with far less commitment than cosmetic surgery.

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